Looking for food/travel comics
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Looking for more comics/graphic novels like Lucy Knisley and Sarah Becan.

I love comics of that drawing style that about daily life, food, or travel. I've already been through American Splendor. Have any other good recommendations? I prefer print copies or e-book formats, but online reading is cool too. Thanks!
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It's not entirely about food, but I seem to remember Aya and its sequels including recipes and discussion of food. It's definitely a "daily life" sort of graphic novel though.
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perhaps you'd like emitown
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Not Love, But Delicious Foods! is a quasi-autobio-manga title focused on one woman's obsession with food around Tokyo. It features real restaurants and even includes directions and information about the locations. It's definitely a bit odd, but really funny.
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Hi, there ;] I'm just now reading French Milk! Have you read Pyongyang (for the travel) or Fun Home (for the daily life) yet? Or Blankets (for the drawing style and the daily life)?
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Daily Life: James Kochalka's American Elf, Vanessa Davis's Make me a Woman, Julie Doucet's My New York Diary and 365 Days
Travel: Craig Thompson's Carnet de Voyage
Some daily life, some travel (and my favourite!): John Porcellino's King Cat Classix and Map of my Heart.
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Wow, how cool -- I went to college with Sarah Becan (though I'm sure she wouldn't remember me), so seeing her name pop up is pretty neat!

Everyone Drunk But Me used to run in one of the student papers at UW-Madison. I always thought it was a step above the other stuff; quite funny. This link has strips beginning kind of late in the game, and sadly she hasn't done it for a long time. But it includes some general life stuff as well as her travels to Russia, which are pretty charming.
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DAR by Erica Moen
Liz Prince
(Both more daily life than food or travel).
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