Do u need UL to sell electronic goods in U.S.?
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Can AC powered vacuum cleaners (500watt) legally sold in U.S. only with FCC certification without UL or NRTL..?

Product: AC powered corded vacuum cleaner (500 watt motor)
Has CE & FCC certification but no UL nor NRTL.

Can this type of electronic prduct sold legally in U.S. without UL listing or NRTL certification?

Some says you don't need to UL or similar as long as it has FCC certification for EMI.

Some says it depend on which state... Some says don't need UL at all... Can't find info anywhere.
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It's legal, but they won't do it. UL isn't legally required, but it's cover in case of lawsuits. The manufacturers' lawyers won't let them sell without it because it would be fodder for liability suits.
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Also, the manner in which electrical codes are adopted in various states play a part. CE and UL do work together, the presence of CE certification may make UL listing easier... but choc pick is right, it isn't required. However....
If you have that thing in your house, and it causes a fire, and your fire insurance folks trigger on its non-UL listed status, you MIGHT be out of luck.....
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UL is just one of many listing agencies. CE is also a listing agency. It's complicated but in general since NAFTA a CE listing is just as good as a UL listing unless what ever spec you are working under requires UL specifically.
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