Point me to a good electric pencil sharpener!
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I'm looking for a good electric pencil sharpener--preferrably one that accepts multiple sizes/shapes, but I'd settle for one that sharpens standard pencils excellently.

I currently have an iPoint that I got from Costco that is kind of horrible, eating the length of the pencils and never getting sharper than a dull point.

I've heard great things about Panasonic, but most of theirs are no longer being produced or very expensive (i.e. over $100).

I'm willing to spend up to about $50 for something reliable and making a consistently sharp point.
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Best answer: I have a simple little Boston/X-Acto Mighty Mite that I've been happy with for a good eight years.

But I'm gonna let you in on a little electric pencil sharpener secret: in order to get perfect pencils from any sharpener, expensive or cheap, you have to do a little work. As you're sharpening, move the pencil in a circular motion. Don't twist it, but actually, physically, take the pencil and swoosh it around in there. Pull it into each side, so that opposite pressure is applied inside the sharpening mechanism, pushing the pencil into the turning blades. Instead of a pencil that's sharp like this, you'll get one that's sharp like this. The sharpened parts are shorter and more broad, leaving a stronger, sharper, less breakage-prone tip.

I have spent many hours of my life over-thinking pencil sharpening, and this is how it's done. Don't challenge me on this.

(I get it from my dad. Before standardized test days at school, he'd prep pencils for my brother and me, making sure they were all a uniform length with good, broken-in erasers and sharpened points. Then he'd scribble a few times with each pencil just to make sure that the point wasn't SO sharp that the tip would snap and leave a small amount of graphite crumbs on the test papers.)
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Do you know a teacher who can order one for you through their school's supply catalogue?
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If you're willing to buy secondhand, I've used this Panasonic sharpener and it is very good and it meets your budget.
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I've had this one in my classroom for a few years now and it's still doing its job.
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