How To Update a Static Photo Site on Amazon S3?
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So, I have a little Wordpress site on Media Temple for photos. Nothing else, just photos. No blog posts, no comments, etc. It's occurred to me that it's really a static site. And static sites can be hosted on Amazon S3. I can handle building the site locally and moving it up to S3. But, I'm wondering about updates. It seems to me that if I build a site locally, publish it to S3, that I can do updates by synching S3 with my local file system. Right? Has anyone done this? Are there apps specifically geared to publishing and maintaining sites on S3?
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A coworker of mine has put a fair amount of time into maintaining s3fs, which might be a good option if you happen to run Linux.
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Have you thought how you will handle the entire domain name thing on S3?
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I actually use s3fs every day! It works pretty well. There are some Mac ports, although I haven't found a good working equivalent.

Amazon can do domain hosting for $1/month but it's not easy to set up....I use a free DNS provider for my site and just point it at S3.
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good working *Windows* equivalent
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Just yesterday saw O'Reilly advertising their "Python and AWS Cookbook" ebook on sale for under $7. There's a section on hosting static sites. The book seems to emphasize use of Boto.
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If you're on a Mac, Transmit is great for syncing files between a local folder and an S3 bucket (as well as lots of other things).
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