Ink cartridge head cleaner fluid
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I bought a refill kit to re-ink my printer ink cartridge and spilled the small bottle of fluid labeled "cartridge and print head wash.' I'd like to get more of this fluid without having to buy another whole kit. Any idea what this fluid is and/or what generic item might replace it?
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Windex (the old kind--with ammonia) is supposed to work, or an ammonia and distilled water mix. Isopropyl or methyl alcohol might work, also. Nothing seems to work on Epson DuraBrite, though. Try smearing some old printouts to see which dissolves the ink best. Your warranty is usually void if you use any generic stuff, but printers with ink are cheaper than just the ink these days.
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The stuff in my kit smelled suspiciously like isopropyl. But it tasted a little different. The first sentence is the truth.
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A quick Froogle search came up with this.
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Your warranty is usually void if you use any generic stuff

Well, not in the USA it isn't. In the USA if a manufacturer requires you to purchase only that manufacturer's supplies for their product, they are legally obliged to provide you them for free.

HP didn't know this back in the late 80's/early 90's and someone took them up on their law-required offer. Now that HP is smart they only void the warranty on parts of the printer damaged by a bad cartridge.
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I used to refill my cartridges until I found out about CIS (continuous ink flow) systems. Check out and do a google for others.

The bottles last a hell of a lot long with less hassle and it's waaaaaay cheaper too. is a good source of info too.
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from mikeanegu's link, see here
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