Does my school admin. now know about my Doctor Who obsession?
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If I "like" a FaceBook page, does that mean that the admin of that page has access to view my wall?

So I "liked" various pages, including my school/faculty's page on FaceBook. But now I'm a little paranoid that they may have access to view my wall and see my private jokey posts between me and my friends/fellow students. By "liking" a FB page, does that mean I've granted them access to view my wall and all my conversations, even though I'm otherwise of full privacy lockdown?
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Best answer: I am admin of a public figure page and just checked a few random people that I don't actually know, and I can't see any info beyond their basics (based on whatever their basic default setting is). Some people I can see photos, but I suspect they leave photos open to "public" or whatever viewing. So just make sure you lockdown your account to friends only or whatever and you should be okay.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks jabes.
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Best answer: If you "Like" a page, the admins won't see any information that you don't allow the public to see.

If a business has a page that you "add as a friend", you may want to put them in the "restricted" or some group that's even more restricted, if you're unsure of who actually owns the page you friended, if that make sense.
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Response by poster: That makes perfect sense, thanks ShillyShepherd!
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Best answer: No, admins of a Facebook page cannot see anything that isn't otherwise viewable to the general public on the profiles of their fans.

However, I would caution you against putting ANYTHING on Facebook that might make you feel awkward if someone from your school/faculty/family/employer saw it. This being the internet and all, it's only private as long as Facebook keeps the current privacy policies in place (which historically they have changed to the detriment of user privacy).

If you have to ask this question, you probably have things to delete from your profile.
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