I Need My Korean Birth Certificate
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How can I get a copy of my South Korean birth certificate? I was born in Seoul, became a naturalized US citizen as a child. My parents never had a copy (it was apparently lost). I don't even know what hospital I was born in, and have no easy way to find out. I tried contacting the Korean embassy but received no response. I live in New Mexico and don't believe there is any Korean embassy near here. What can I do?
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Try the U.S. embassy in Korea? I'm sure they're familiar with the Korean system. Seoul.usembassy.gov
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Also it looks like the city of Seoul has a site for English speaking residents and visitors, global.seoul.go.kr. They seem to have some forums --- worth a look.
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You could try the South Korean consulate in Los Angeles -- the consular services department in the embassy only handles the mid-Atlantic states, but the LA consulate covers New Mexico. That might be why the embassy failed to respond.

Consulate information is here.

3243 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010
T:(213) 385-9300
F:(213) 385-1849
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Some excellent pointers. Thanks to all!
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No clue how the Korean system works, but a few years ago I needed my birth certificate from Holland (which doesn't really use birth certificates the way that the US does) and managed to get one via the city where I was born. So I second the suggestion to contact the City of Seoul. They must have a record of your birth somewhere!
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If you are unable to obtain a Korean birth certificate, the Bureau of Vital Records will most likely have a procedure to obtain a letter of "no record." I would contact them. Not all babies have birth certificates, especially if they were born outside of medical supervision. Here's their contact information: Bureau of Vital Records & Health Statistics: 1105 South St. Francis Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87502
Phone Numbers: Voice (505) 827-0121 Toll Free (866) 534-0051

I looked at their website and didn't find the forms or procedures, but they can point you in the right direction. Good luck.
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