Lost engagement ring...
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Looking for advise on making a police report and an insurance claim

So I went on a trip last weekend and somewhere on the course of it I have lost my engagement ring.
I called the city of Portland to file a police report, they said that I should file in my hometown because I don't know where I lost it. To me that sounds like he doesn't understand what lost means. If I knew where I lost it then I wouldn't be in this situation.

Thank goodness I have insurance but I am worried about the coverage for me being a complete idiot with an expensive piece of jewelry.
I have been looking for my ring for 2 days (rifling through clothing, calling places that I was....) and at this point it looks like I'm going to be making an insurance claim.
Has anyone else dealt with this kind of a situation? I'm extremely afraid that insurance will tell me tough luck.
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Why make a police report? Do you think it was stolen?
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Go ahead and file the report with your hometown police. It won't get back your ring, but most insurance companies require it before they'll pay out on a claim.
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Best answer: Just a heads up here: jewelry is usually subject to a sub-limit, distinct from your main property coverage limit. These sub-limits can run anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000, but they're frequently not enough to cover even a moderately-expensive engagement ring. This is why people either get so-called "inland marine" policies, i.e. one-off policies only covering a single risk, or actual jewelry policies.

What you want to do is call your insurance agent and see how to go about making a claim. You may not need to file a police report. And really, the requirement that you do is as much to force you to make some kind of public, on the record statement to someone who will be pissed if you're lying as it is to actually serve as direct evidence of the loss.
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