European Christmas markets
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What are the best European Christmas markets?

We visited the Berlin markets a few years ago and liked them, the Gendarmen Markt particularly. We enjoyed the food and drink as well as decent quality traditional local products. Can you recommend other Christmas Markets around Europe which would make for an enjoyable experience, ie an interesting city with large markets but with potentially other good shopping and points of interest. Not necessarily a clone of Berlin, different cultural contexts are welcome.
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Rothenburg ob der tauber seems perfect but this website links you to all the German ones.
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From my own experience, Bruges and Lincoln are excellent. Bruges is a beautiful medieval city and Lincoln is one of the UK's oldest cities with a wonderful cathedral.
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My lord I can't recommend the Viennese Christmas Markets enough. I loved them. In particular I remember the ones near or in the University of Vienna's campus to be awesome.
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Loved the one in Erlangen.
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My endorsement isn't worth much, but I was also going to recommend the Rothenburg ob der tauber market. I went there when I was like nine and my memories of it are that it's wonderful.
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A friend of the family lives in Osnabrueck, which has a museum designed by Daniel Libeskind.
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Nuremberg has the oldest Christmas Market, and it's also one of the largest. If you then want to do a bit of a Christmas Market tour, Bamburg, Rothenburg o.d. Tauber and Schwabach all are short train rides away and have smaller ones (and in my opinion, they're more enjoyable - you have space to move when you're drinking your gl├╝hwein, unlike in Nuremberg).
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Strasbourg Christmas market is the reference in France.
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If you want to try something different to Mitteleuropa then you could give the Barcelona Christmas markets a shot...
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Cologne and Maastricht both have popular Christmas markets.
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Prague's Christmas Market is absolutely lovely, although that link seems a rather poor view of it.
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Brussels will have lots of neat food and drink stalls around Grand Place, and a big market surrounding the Saint Catherine metro station.
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Manchester in the UK has large markets, though as with many UK markets they are something of a homage to the German ones. There are a few in London, but not to the same scale.
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I just came here to recommend Alsace's Christmas markets in France too! They're gorgeous.

Also enjoyed the lovely Christmas markets lining the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Lights everywhere, the Seine reflecting them, the Eiffel Tower looking gorgeous... it was quite different from the spring, summer and autumn Paris I'd known until then.
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We did Munich while I was young and it was very ideal Christmas. Also enjoyed the one in Cannes, but with the nicer weather there, it's a little less Christmas-sy.
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One of my favourites is the Valkenburg Christmas market in the Netherlands. It is actually two markets and they are both in caves. I went three years ago and it was really atmospheric.
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