Please help me buy Iranian sohan in the UK
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Now that I have tasted the Sohan brought back as a gift from a trip to Iran I must have more! But where can I buy it in the UK? Help please!

Its the most delicious sweet - crisp, buttery & flavoured with cardamom & pistachios. It was cut into diamond shapes & in a tin. Here is a picture Sohan picture
The one I had was probably from Esfahan. It was soooo wonderful that I want more but my google-fu has failed. Please help me to buy some more, preferably by mail order. I'm in the UK.
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Your best bet is going to be off the Edgware Road in London (relevant forum discussion here), but you could give Persepolis in Peckham a ring, as they say that they do mail order.
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If you cook at all, it doesn't seem like a difficult recipe.
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Indian Soan Papdi is very similar and yummy.
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Though it's not as crispy.
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