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I'm looking for blogs written by pilots of (or about) planes, helicoptors, blimps, etc. Got any links?
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You might have luck Googling for "flying diaries" like this one.

Back before they were called Blogs I used to keep an on-line diary of my flight training. At the time a lot of students kept them so that others could share their tales of frustration and triumph. So search around for "student pilot blog" and you'll find stuff like this.

I'm not aware of any blogs about aviation in general, though I look forward to any that are listed in this thread.
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It's not a weblog, but I've been enjoying the USA Today column Ask the Pilot, a nice mix of layman-grokkable info and technical detail.
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I would also recommend Salon's long running Ask the Pilot column (which had the name first).
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There are a ton of aviation blogs listed here.
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I maintain an LTA category on my blog, which I term "Blimp Week." It's not piloty, but it is floaty.
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This site hosts blogs about aviation, and by pilots. You're welcome.
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I didn't mean for that to be a snark, although it reads that way.
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I really, really liked Philip Greenspun's aviation stuff when I read it a couple of years ago. Not exactly a blog, I guess, but hey.
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Boeing 777-200LR Flight Test Journal
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Response by poster: These are great, thanks.
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