"Fingers to temple" means telekinesis?
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After the its recent use in "X-Men: First Class", I want to know the earliest occurrence of "two fingers to the temple with stony stare" as a physical cue for telekinetic/telepathic power (psychokinesis) ...
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There's a TVTrope for that. (It's talking about a couple of different "psychic gestures" but that one's in there.)
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I think it's been a standard part of the repertoire of psychics and mentalists for a very long time. I believe Daniel Dunglas Home is doing a one-handed variant in the first portrait on his Wikipedia page, an image that probably dates from the 1870s or 80s. It's basically just an attempt to dramatize the inherently undramatic act of thinking hard.
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Tried to post this "thanks" with only the power of my mind but ended up having to type it:

Thank you!
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