how to change no. of table columns for mobile browser?
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Anyone know how I can change the number of columns on an HTML table when it is viewed from a mobile browser? I want to display a 5 column table if the site is viewed from a desktop, but want the table to be just 1 column if viewed from a mobile device. Can this be done easily? I only know basic html.
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Not with basic HTML, no. You would need to use javascript or a server-side scripting language (i.e., PHP).
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Do you want the extra columns to be removed/hidden, or do you want to display all of the information still, just using one column?
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You need to search for responsive data tables, here's an example from Chris Coyier.
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Or, apparently, humph's fancy CSS trick, as long as you don't actually need your table to be a table (but at 1 column wide, it's not really a table any more anyway). None of these are "Basic HTML", though.
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At one column it's still totally a table; you still have rows. It's not "basic" HTML but CSS is not rocket science.
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If the content of your table is not negatively impacted form being displayed in 1 column vs 5 columns, I would question whether it should really be in a table in the first place. Maybe it should be in a series of divs, which can gracefully wrap when the screen width gets too narrow (min-width or whatever)
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Yes, you can have one column visible for mobile devices.

Detect whether the user agent is a mobile device and deliver to those devices a special stylesheet, call it "mobile.css".

In your markup, give the TDs which are to be invisible a class. "hide-from-mobile" is a nice descriptive class name.

Include the following selector and declaration in your style sheet:
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Improved CSS:
(Added a semicolon at the end of line. While not necessary here, a semicolon would necessary if other declarations followed.)
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