In the Bloomingdales Christmas Rotation 2010...
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Last Christmas, there was an indie guitar song that was really me figure out what it was!

I think it was in a commercial. It was about people in New England. They skate in a skating rink. Seasons change. I can't even remember if it is explicitly about Christmas. I think the singer remembers the person he loves. And it's cold. Sounds of white dudes with acoustic guitars singing. If Williamsburg had a little Eddie Bauer and moved to Vermont, this was the song for that clan.

What is this song?
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Maybe check here
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Best answer: Could it be Fountains of Wayne doing Valley Winter Song? I can't find a video of the L. L. Bean commercial in which it was used, but the song backs a bunch of videos, including this one.
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Kind of a stretch, but Ingrid Michaelson -- The Hat?
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I'm even more certain now that the song you're seeking is Valley Winter Song. There's no skating in this L. L. Bean commercial, but there is angel-making in the snow, so it might have been part of a series, if not the actual commercial you recall.
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This was in an Old Navy ad that featured skating.
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Response by poster: The Wrong Kind of Cheese wins the day! Maybe I thought there was skating in it because I kept imagining myself ice skating around to it? Woohoo!

It sounds like it should be in a mix with Kinna Grannis's In Your Arms, recently featured on the Blue, actually.
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