Help me find examples of obsessive wall collages in film.
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You know how movie shorthand for obsession is often a collection of pictures and newspaper clippings on a wall? I need some examples!

As a way to get students to think about obsession in literature I'd like to get them to create their own "stalker shrine," that movie cliche of the visualization of a character's obsession. A character is shown to be obsessed by revealing that they've pasted photos and newspaper clippings all over a wall, often connected to one another in crazy if sometimes useful ways. I'd love to provide the students with some examples, so if you guys can think of some I'd be seriously grateful. Bonus grateful points if anyone knows of a supercut of such scenes, though I haven't been able to find one.
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The Incredibles
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Two Russell Crowe movies spring to mind:

The Next Three Days

A Beautiful Mind
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The Justice League Unlimited episode "Question Authority" (or the one directly before or after it; it's a two-parter) shows off The Question's pinboard-photo wall.
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Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson
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Stalker Shrine on TVTropes. I'm also certain this showed up several times in the original Law & Order but can't pinpoint episodes. (I can just kind of picture Jerry Orbach and Benjamin Bratt cracking wise about them.)
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There's something of a sendup of this in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.
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John Malkovich's character has one in In the Line of Fire.

It's a running theme in the now-cancelled (but great) NBC series Life; the protagonist makes one in his closet and adds to it each episode.
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FlashForward and Homeland both had/have these - although the "good guys" are the ones who have them. There's certainly a bit of obsession involved, though.
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Wall of Elaine photos on Seinfeld (at 1:40).
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I believe "the crazy brother" (don't want to spoil) has tons of news clippings about the Hand of God killer above his desk in "Frailty." Can't find a clip.
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I seem to recall one in The Silence of the Lambs... (BILL SKINS FIFTH headline).
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In Better Off Dead, Lane (John Cusack) opens his walk-in closet to reveal that every clothes hanger is topped off with a life-sized cutout of his girlfriend's head.
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Fuckin TV Tropes.
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You're welcome.
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The first episode of Castle has one of these! There is a dude who is obsessed with Castle who has a creepy shrine in his house.
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Session 9
Se7en (Haven't seen it in a while, but I believe the antagonist's apartment has some of this going on.)
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Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Arwen had a wall-shrine of the mom. (I know, right?)
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In a Michael Wong movie called "Fei hu xiong xin" the main villain wanted to go up against the Hong Kong SDU. For some backstory, he's a rich kid who leads a gang of thieves and actively tries to get into shootouts with the police.
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The film Prick Up Your Ears shows this, as the less successful lover becomes more and more jealous and unhinged.
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The Fan.
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The Bodyguard
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The Fisher King
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IIRC, Mulder's home office in the 2nd X-Files movie has a wall like this.
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Billy Madison. Steve Buscemi's character has one.
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TV Tropes
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And if it spreads from one wall...
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Eminem's "Mosh," :24-:50.
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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version at least) I think qualifies.
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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
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Cherish - I'm guessing it's about 3/4 of the way through the movie, when Zoe finds her stalker's home and sees all the pictures of herself.
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The Comfort of Strangers
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Children of Men had one that told the backstory of the decline of civilization. (Starting with the Iraq war, for an extra dash of plausibility.) Since it was in an activist's home, it didn't seem contrived.

Neat question.
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Can't confirm, but I think Jim Carrey's character had one in The Dead Pool.

In Heroes, Drs. Suresh pere and fils utilize a world map with photographs, flags, pins, and string connecting everything, and in one timeline's version of Isaac Mendez's studio, all his paintings are connected by a 3-D string time "tree".
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Community has a recent episode titled "Competitive Ecology" where Chang has a pathetic board of random stuff. I think the episode is still up on Hulu.
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In Kick-Ass, Big Daddy has one of these. It's shown about 20min, though it's never addressed in any way, just scenery.
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