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What's the best platform for setting up an email mailing list or discussion for my local neighborhood? How should it be organized and promoted? We have a mix of younger (more tech-savvy) and older residents.
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Response by poster: ^ "email mailing list or discussion forum"
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My neighborhood has a Yahoo Groups list, and it works pretty well. All memberships have to be approved by the moderator. Some of the older, less tech savy individuals still have trouble from time to time.

The biggest issues usually pop up when one of these folks accidentally responds to a list post to everyone when he or she intended to respond to an individual member. That can actually be fairly entertaining for those of us on the sidelines!

I'm not a huge fan of anything which includes "Yahoo" as part of the name, but for our purposes this method serves the purpose nicely.
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I couldn't do Yahoo because some stalwarts wouldn't sign up for a Yahoo account just to join the neighborhood group. I am still looking for a solution. Opened a Facebook page for our neighborhood. But guys, generally, aren't on FB in my neighborhood. So that doesn't work.
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I'm looking for something similar for my school's PTO - will be interested to hear suggestions as well. I was also thinking a Yahoo group but can imagine I'll have several responses in line with cda's above...
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NextDoor.com requires 10 signups to "go active". It's designed for this.
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My neighborhood uses e-democracy. I had to unsubscribe because the majority of participants were racists and/or cranks, and not a lot of contributions from my sort of people.
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Seconding NextDoor for this. We sort of set one up for my neighborhood but we're still working on getting traction (though if you have enough neighbors into this already, that part's easy).
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I'm also part of a Yahoo groups neighborhood list, and it's OK. I'd recommend exhausting all other options, but one benefit is that less tech savvy people might already have a Yahoo account lying around somewhere, which will make it an easier sell.
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