Help me be an educated voter.
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Where can I find a summary of candidates for the next election?

I know that this year isn't a big year for elections but I'm still going to vote. One of our local newspapers usually has this tool on their website where you can enter in some information on your location and it will show you every office up for election on your ballot and give you links to the each candidate's profile and their stances on some current issues.

This year, all I get when I go to that site is what looks like a placeholder where they'll update results later.

I like to make informed decisions about as many of the people I'm voting for as I can, especially for lower level offices where they often aren't members of a political party.

Is there some other resource I can use to educate myself before I go vote? I'm in Bloomington (Suburb of Minneapolis), MN.
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Best answer: You could go to the League of Women Voters Minnesota website, though it looks like they are still putting information in their system.
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Try these guys:
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Best answer: The Minnesota Secretary of State Polling Place Finder will show you your ballot, so you'll at least have a list of the candidates, although that doesn't directly help with the issues. I often use my state's equivalent and then start googling for candidates' own websites.
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Check out DemDash or Project VoteSmart.
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