Help me SEE-I these lyrics
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Anyone want to take a crack at deciphering the lyrics from the 2:22-2:31 mark of this song?

The song is "Dinner of Herb" by See-I. I love the song, and would like to be able to accurately sing along, but I'm having trouble with this part where the singer's rasta accent gets pretty thick. I only get bits and pieces:

"(Something) creation/man you better use it, na-noy,
(Something something)/(something) not hallucinating, ah let me tell you."

Can someone make out the somethings?

Some other links to the same song if the sound quality varies for you:
Myspace (2:21-2:30)
Last.FM (Don't have an account but it appears to be there)
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This is fun, but I can't do any better than you, really. I did hear some things differently, though, so for what it's worth here's what I got:

(possibly "Is it not") ("nation" or possibly everything up to here is one word ending in "-nation") / Man, you bad to use (using?) (?)
Me, I check for Krispin / Not hallucinating, ah let me tell you.

Obviously, "Me, I check for Krispin" makes no sense, but that's what I hear.
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I'm hearing "Me not check(?) for trippin' nor hallucinating, ah let me tell you...". Not sure about the first bit--he's singing really fast there. I'l try listening again later.
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im getting

its imagination, man you better use it...
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Doesn't make much sense, but I hear:

This is my creation/man you better use it/[nonsense syllables]/me no check for trippin' or hallucinatin'/now let me say it
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