Joppie Saus worth trying in Holland
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Where can I find Joppie Saus in the USA (New York City even better) without paying $25 for shipping?

It's a dutch french fry curry sauce and something my husband fell in love with, but the only site I can find selling it is Typ*cal Dutch St*ff and they charge somewhere in the line of $25 for shipping to the USA... not to mention I really don't want to be handing over my credit card to a random website. Too expensive, even for a holiday gift, which is what this is. Does have a better lead?
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You should contact these guys and see if they have it (or know a local source for it).
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Response by poster: I've emailed them but they don't seem to be a real Dutch establishment other than their name. Good suggestion though!
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Try Mejlander & Mullgannon on 5th Avenue between 76th and 77th Streets in Bay Ridge. Their phone is 718-238-6666. They have lots of European condiments.
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Have you tried places like Schaller & Weber on 85/86 on 2nd? They're German, but they might have it. I'd also pop into Westside Market (the 14th/7 one is pretty big and they have lots of random European stuff), plus Zabars (unlikely), Gourmet Garage (also unlikely)?

Last ditch--Try the local Frites places (e.g., this one) sample their sauces, and then get a tub of the most similar sauce to go?
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Oh, These people mentioned that The Frying Dutchman truck had it back in August.
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There's also Kaas & Co. in South Norwalk, CT, which is Dutch-owned: they don't list Joppiesaus, but they may have an explanation as to why not.
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Don't know if this place would have it, but it's worth an email: (maybe some kind Portland mefite could buy you some. I've never been to the store, but I pass it when I'm on my way to the Scandinavian store.)

I've seen something very similar looking at my local German store (but I can't remember the brands.)
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Don't know if this place would have it, but it's worth an email:

This is on my way home from work. I'll report back in approximately 2 hours.
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I stopped by the dutch store here in Portland and the owner informed me "you'll need a plane ticket for that." No importer has it and they don't ship it to the US at all. You'll need to get it shipped in from elsewhere. She said she has tried to get it in the past with no luck.
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