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On Windows 7, is there a way to have the proxy turn on or off depending on which wireless network I'm connected to?

Basically I'm taking my laptop back and forth to work, so I need the proxy on at work and off at home. Can I do this with some settings in Windows? Or do I need third party software for this? If I do need third party software, then I'd appreciate recommendations for non-skeezy apps (a quick google search led me to a few apps that look a bit dodgy). Thanks.
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The paid version of FoxyProxy supports automatic proxy switching based on LAN IP address. QuickProxy adds a quick on/off proxy button to your browser toolbar. Both of the above are Firefox addons.

Do you need to change the IE/Windows proxy settings, or just your browser settings? Which browser do you use, as IE/Firefox/Chrome will probably have different solutions.
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At an old job I had 2 .reg files on my desktop. One of them set all the work-required proxy settings in the registry, and the other one removed them.

If I remember correctly, I created them by turning on the proxy, then searching the registry for the proxy address. I then exported that entry from the registry; double-clicking it would then re-add the line (and "turn on" the proxy). Then I turned off the proxy, went to the same entry, and exported that one; double-clicking it would then "turn off" the proxy.

(That said, it was Windows XP, I couldn't guarantee it's still that easy in Windows 7.)
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I thought the locations feature "work", "home", "public" was meant to cover this. I would have to check.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately I need to change both. I use Firefox as a browser, but I also use a few other things, like Evernote, that depend on the system (IE) proxy settings.
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