Serious Problem with the New Google Reader
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Is there a way to post stand-alone websites to the New Google Reader? I used to do it with a tool in my bookmarks toolbar called "Note in Reader", but that no longer works. I simply don't see how to do it. I really like to keep a web-file of my favorite articles. Can I still do it in Google Reader? I hate to go to an alternate source to create a webfile, but if you have a suggestion, and I could consider that too, much as I hate to.
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Not sure if it is still possible, but I wanted to suggest Instapaper as an alternative.
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Response by poster: Hey, thanks for responding, and giving me that tip.
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I don't remember how "Note in Reader" worked, but if you want to keep using your Google account to take note of pages you like, Google Bookmarks has bookmarklets for your bookmarks toolbar, including "Add to a List."
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Best answer: It is not -unfortunately- possible in GR anymore, as far as I know. They have replaced the related functions (sharing, friending, liking... etc) with the "+1" button, which basically bookmarks the web pages you "plussed" and stores them as a list in your Google+ account, under a tab named "+1's": like this. If you're using Chrome, there is also a plugin for it (and I'm sure there are plugins for other browser, too).

There are many other bookmarking solutions, Instapaper and Delicious being the most famous ones—although I prefer Pinboard. But since you already have a Google account, +1 could be the easiest way to go for you. Hope that helps.
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I'm not sure what you mean by "stand-alone websites". In any event, the only residual functional element that could come close to what you want in gReader is to add a star to an item.

But for this to work you've got to be able to add an rss feed either by having a browser bookmarklet or adding the site URL into the subscribe field. By adding a star, the site (and it might, for instance, just be one blog entry from that site) is saved to a list of what is, for all intents and purposes, bookmarks.

You can't add any words as when you added a note however, so it still might be best for you to take up one of the dedicated bookmark services as has been mentioned above.

And/or you can wait to see what the Sharebros come up with----> they are building a gReader replacement called: @Hivemined
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Feedly plugs into your Google Reader account. The Feedly browser extension optionally adds an unobtrusive, translucent "Feedly Mini" icon to the lower right of every page you visit in your browser (this is done locally by the extension, it is not tracking every site you visit when you don't use it). It's basically a social sharing widget, but it has a "save for later" option that will save ANY page you want to Google Reader as a starred item.

This would do what you are asking, and although you need to sign into Feedly for it to work, you don't ever have to use the Feedly page if you prefer the Reader interface--it will star the page in both places.

Still works, just tried it.
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Response by poster: Hey thanks. I just tried to sign up for Feedly. I'm still waiting for them to send me the link to getting started to my e-mail. I will try what you suggest, however. This may be a brilliant solution.
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Response by poster: I seemed to have solved the problem with Diigo. This is really ironic, because I used Google Notes, then Google Reader to replace Furl about 6 years ago. Diigo evolved from Furl! Furl become virtually non-functional about 6 years ago, that's why I switched!

I'm pretty happy with Diigo, considering. I'm actually very grateful to them. And to MetaFilter and you all. Thanks!
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