Identify this adult film star
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I feel like such a schmuck, but, can anyone help me identify this adult film actress, just from a (SFW) screencap?

The image comes from an edited collection of porn clips, so I do not know the title of the production that this comes from. Googling for 'brunette porn star black dress' is, as you would imagine, somewhat of a needle & haystack affair.

Anyone? I promise I'm not obsessed, and this is purely for research purposes. Honest.
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I would try asking in or /b/, those people know their porn. I'd look into the porn focused subreddits too, but I don't know any in particular.
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She looks kind of like Adison Rose, to me.
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Tori Black? SFW Picture
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Kristina Rose? SFW pic via Wikipedia
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the people over at are very, very good at IDing porn performers and movies by still frames.

If you have more, it will make it easier.
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And - not Tori Black.
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Whoever it is, Imageshack didn't like hosting the pic, apparently.
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That is Tori Black
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