What sort of set up do I need?
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Looking for good speakers for an apartment that can be used by both my TV and my laptop within one room.

Currently, I just use my laptop's built in speakers (MacBook Pro) or headphones when I want to listen to something on my laptop and my TV's built in speakers (a VIZIO E420VO).

Is there some sort of wireless solution that would easily enable me to switch back and forth between the laptop transmitting to the higher quality speakers and the TV transmitting. Ideally, some sort of surround sound would be great, though I'm certainly no audiophile.
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A receiver plus an Apple TV? (Example.) Wireless speakers are still a bit iffy at the consumer end, but if you're okay having the speakers wired to the receiver -- which gives you much more bang for the buck, sound-wise -- then you can use AirPlay for the laptop, with the bonus that you can also potentially stream video to the TV.
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I set up an apple TV and a soundbar that has an HDMI switch built into it.

It's perfect for an apartment, you don't need to run cables or anything. You just use a remote to switch between Apple TV and the TV on the soundbar.
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Also, you don't need the TV on to use the apple TV as a stereo. I leave my TV off and the AppleTV on 24-7 and usually leave the soundbar set to AppleTV, so I can just bounce music to it when I feel like it without turning anything else on. I don't even need to walk over to the living room.
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I agree with Apple TV plus [something] solution, but it depends on your budget. Any system you can hook to your TV will be fed audio from your MacBook through the Apple TV.
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apple airport express will do the same thing as apple tv (for streaming music, that is). i have mine by the tv, with splitter to route both to a crosley solo radio. it's not stereo, or the highest definition speaker i'm sure, but for my purposes (streaming music from my computer, or when i want a bit more bass and dimension from something on tv, usually a music broadcast) it works fine.
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apple airport express will do the same thing as apple tv (for streaming music, that is).

This is actually what I've used for a good number of years, hooked up to a receiver with an optical cable, but the Apple TV is the same price and has a HDMI output, which gives a few more streaming options. I also use Airfoil, which gives a lot more flexibility in choosing the source media on the Mac.

But I like empath's soundbar suggestion a lot -- as I'm not really bothered about HDTV (yet) I wasn't aware that they offered that kind of multi-input setup. Perhaps not for audio purists, but a nice upgrade from what you've got right now.
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