Practical assistance with sewing trouser lining
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I have a couple new pairs of black dress trousers and would like to keep them hole-free as long as possible. I need some practical assistance on the subject of sewing a lining into the crotch area.

As described in this thread, my upper thighs rub together when I walk and eventually cause that area of my trousers to wear out.

I'd like to do some preventative work on these new pairs. A couple commenters within that same thread suggested lining the trousers on the inside to keep holes at bay on the outside.

I have some "slippery" material I can use for the lining. I don't know what the name of the material is; it looks like what this shiny prom dress is made of... only it's black.

My questions:

Should I cut out big ovals, lay them over (what will be) the affected areas and sew all the way around the edges so they're fixed in place? Or should I just stitch in the corners or at the top so the inner patches slide against the outer trouser material?

Should I just cut one big swath of fabric and do the whole crotch area? Or two pieces, one in each leg?

How exactly does this method prevent fraying, anyway? I can't quite understand why it works.
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A lining reduces friction. I'd recommend looking for what we called petti-pants growing up. Basically a slip you wear with pants. Lots easier than sewing.
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Another option is to wear some sort of spandex garment similar to bicycle shorts. It doesn't have to be Spanx or superior technical gear, just something that extends a few inches down your thighs. I have a pair of "yoga shorts" from Old Navy that I wear with skirts when i don't wear tights. The inseam is only a couple inches long, but they do the trick. You'd want something in a much lighter-weight fabric obviously, but that's the general idea. In a pinch, you could cut the legs off of a pair of tights or hose.
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I would think, that to mimic the effect of lined pants, you'd want something more like a semi-lining than patches, and it seems like the best way to do that would be to make tubes to go inside the legs, and attach them at the interior and exterior seams. This sounds to me like it would be weird to wear.

You could always try patches, but take some test stitches first to see how visible they would be.

Personally, I would either make or buy pettipants (also look for "split slip" or "culottes").
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