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I was issued a Blackberry 7100 from work. Corded hands-free headset is making me crazy!

Any reasonably priced Bluetooth headsets out there? Thanks.
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They're reasonably priced, (~70-80 range) at the t-mobile store, but ... they suck. No, really. Their battery life is about five minutes (exaggerating, but that's what it feels like) before you have to plug them into the -wall-.
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Awww...dude! Don't crash my buzz! I'm just getting a Bluetooth-enabled Blackberry, and I've been totally psyched to get a BT headset.

(FWIW, after some research, I'm planning on getting the Jabra BT250. In addition to being pretty well-reviewed overall, it does seem to be the only one that matches the manufacturer's specs on battery life in most tests.)
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I've got a Motorola HS810 (came free with phone, good battery life) and a Bluespoon AX (tiny, my favourite). I can easily get a day's worth of conversations - 3 hours or so - out of each between charges. I've not tried either with a BB though. The Jabra 250 is pretty old by now so you should be able to find it cheap but I found it too big to wear comfortably.
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Response by poster: The Bluespoon looks cool (but whassa BB?)
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Response by poster: duh. never mind.
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I was just thinking about this too. I've heard the Jabra ones are pretty good.

Sub Question: is there a good desktop stand/cradle for the 7100? Just so I can see what comes up on screen while at my desk...
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The BB should ship with a cradle. Mine did.

I bought a pair of ridiculous looking headphones from Sharper Image (mainly because they were in the bargain bin for 20.00). They're wireless, and I used them primarily for listening to music at my desk while I worked.

All was fine until I noticed that battery life was about one day. That's 1 AA battery per day.

Suffice to say, they haven't been out of my desk drawer for months.
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thanotopsis writes "That's 1 AA battery per day."

Doesn't that make it a perfect candidate for rechargeables? We use AA rechargeables in a cpl of our phones and a digital camera, and they work pretty well.
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