Great dentist in Sydney or Illawarra?
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Great dentist in Sydney or Southcoast/Illawarra? My periodontist is leaving the area so I need a good Dentist or Periodontist. I am dentist-phobic. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Can recommend Betty Zilka in Petersham. Friendly mama type who won't let you freak out because she is so calm.
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Gentle Dental are good, and I think they have offices all over. I've been the Liverpool one, and I know there's one at Tahmoor. They are so good that during an extraction I asked the dentist if she was going to extract it now, and she laughed and said, "I've already done it!".
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I go to the NIB dental centre in the CBD. It's good because they have heaps of dentists working there, so if you are happy to see anyone you can get an appointment quickly, or you can choose who you want to see and obviously fit in with their schedule.

They don't try to up-sell you (presumably because they get paid the same, though I don't know this), but they also have all the equipment there so you can get xrays or whatever and it's emailed to them (and to you if you want) by the time you walk down the corridor.
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check your mefi mail.
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Richard Costa in Haberfield is totally amazing ... I have been seeing him for 18 years along with my entire family. He is very good value and does not recommend unnecessary procedures (as many seem to do).,Haberfield+NSW,+Australia&cid=9214119121841689112
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