Movie with a kid who makes a force shield bubble.
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Movie - This kid creates a force shield bubble using his computer and he and his friends go into space with it. At one point I remember him putting the bubble around one of the friends and tunneling him into the ground. Anybody remember this one. It's been driving me crazy for months.
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Best answer: Explorers
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Response by poster: Oh you ROCK!!!
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Hah, Ethan Hawke. What a trip.
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I think in a dream he remembered the circuit diagram that allowed it to "make oxygen" somehow. I wanted to make a bubble like that somehow when I was a kid, well I still would love to make a bubble like that now a days I just see it as incredible unlikely to be possible now.
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Head to 51:00 and you are in the dream sequence where he learn the means to create air from electricity.
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and sorry about getting into a nerdfight I was more checking my own memory of the past because I recall it vividly for some reason.
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