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Historical Photo / Daguerreotype Gurus, how might I download or purchase this particular panorama of San Francisco in 1851 in extreme hi-resolution?

So I would like to have this series of daguerreotypes of San Fran in 1851 in extreme hi-res but I don't have any more information on the image other than what is provided on the above link. I have contacted the California Historical Society but received no response. I have searched for the image on various image databases like USC and UCLA (which covers CHS's online content) with no luck, and my googling yields nothing except for a panorama from Rincon Hill, not the one above.

Any other ideas on how to get this image in hi-res? Thanks!
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The website says:

Paintings and prints available through Bridgeman Art Library. Type “California Historical Society” in the search box and browse. Bridgeman has panoramics.

Library of Congress also has SF panoramics.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately the Bridgeman houses mostly CHS's hand drawn art. It does not have very many photographs and does not have the image in question. Nor does the library of congress...although the LoC is a great resource in general for old images...
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Well, then, I guess you'd have to call CHS and bug them. It's possible that the originals are too fragile to be subjected to scanning or other forms of reproduction. I'm pretty sure that CHS's deal with Bridgman is exclusive, meaning no other entity represents their collection.
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