Tell me what I need to know about living in LA
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Moving back to LA. What do I need to know?

Moving back in January after a 20 year absence and looking for insider's perspectives. Tips, what to avoid, what to take advantage of, etc.

A few things to know:

I will be living in Hollywood
I will be carless (I know it's better to have a car, but I don't and won't)
I will be looking for work, and am an arts critic
I like adventures
I am gluten free and a vegetarian, or, as I call it, the most obnoxious diet in the world
I like well-made cocktails

Tell me what you would tell anybody who is about to move. Except: Don't move to LA. If you dislike it, consider moving away, but I have always loved LA, and miss is, and will be glad to be back.
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20 years? I guess one big change is the rail system. They're pretty good, particularly if you live near a stop. Find a place near the red line and you'll have east access to a bunch of the city. Downtown will be particularly easy to get to (getting between Hollywood and Downtown is probably easier by subway than by car most of the time), and next month the Expo line opens to Culver City (it will eventually go to Santa Monica).
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In Hollywood for gluten free and vegan -- you're going to want to try M Cafe, Hugos (amazing) and Vegan Glory (ask for Bragg sauce instead of soy sauce on anything to avoid gluten, and they're very aware of gluten issues). You'll be please to learn that, in Hollywood, your obnoxious diet is relatively common.
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Response by poster: You'll be please to learn that, in Hollywood, your obnoxious diet is relatively common.

I am pleased by that. Thanks!
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Hollywood is arguably a lot nicer than when you left. Not every single block, but there's been a lot of urban renewal going on. Rents are also up, so is your place already settled?
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Response by poster: I've got a lead on a place on Cherokee, but if anybody has suggestions, they'd be appreciated.
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Real Food Daily is another good veg restaurant. And Follow Your Heart, but it's out in Canoga Park and if you're carless that probably isn't going to be very accessible.
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Response by poster: Well, that's only about two hours by train, or three by car.
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There are also countless Well-Made Cocktail places in Hollywood -- the Library Bar at the Roosevelt looks like a salad bar, half the time, there are so many fresh ingredients going into things. Depending where you end up, that will possibly be walkable for you. Thirsty In LA is a great LA cocktails reference and a good place to start.

If you're not going to get a car, maybe consider a bike? Lots LOTS more people biking in LA now, and it might make getting from A to Z easier for you in certain instances.

Welcome back!
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Response by poster: I'll be doing some extra work, and apparently you can get a bump for having your own bike with some regularity, so that's definitely in the cards.
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There is a Real Food Daily on La Cienega near Beverly Blvd in WeHo.
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Cole's has a speakeasy. They do a great Monte Carlo.
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Honestly, if you live in Hollywood as opposed to near Hollywood, travelling by bicycle and rail might actually put you at an advantage, as traffic into and out of Hollywood has gotten so miserable that I don't even like to go to Los Angeles at all anymore (I live in Orange County near the Los Angeles County border).
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Really really good cocktails, you say? Try Tiki-Ti.

Griffith Park Observatory has been re-done. Totally worth checking out, especially during the clear weather.

Welcome back to L.A.!
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I live in Hollywood. Since you won't have a car, if you'd like to have easy access to downtown - and actually quite a lot of LA - I HIGHLY suggest living within an easy walk of a rail station. I would make that your number one priority when finding an apartment, in fact.
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Well if it's cocktails you're after and you're downtown: Varnish, the Edison and Seven Grand are all great.
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Response by poster: Tiki-Ti is the first tiki bar I ever went to. I go back every time I visit. When I move back, I intend to drink every cocktail they offer.
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Check out Veggie Grill. There's a few locations close to Hollywood (one nearish West Hollywood, another in Farmers Market). I personally haven't been but many friends enjoy it and they do have gluten free options.

If you live near the subway station in Hollywood, you are actually not that bad off, as long as you aren't trying to get to the Westside (Santa Monica, Venice, etc). It's rather easy to get to Downtown, North Hollywood, Pasadena, etc. Pair it with a bike and you'll probably get to places faster than your friends with cars and you won't worry about traffic and parking. The busses aren't too bad and generally you can find out a way to get anywhere (especially if you bring a bike since you can attach them to busses now), but it requires patience as it may take even a few hours to get somewhere relatively "close."
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Between the light rail and Metrolink, having a car isn't as necessary as it once was. They're also getting more bike-friendly.
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Floré on Sunset near Hyperion has pretty tasty vegan and gluten-free food. I hear there is a Babycakes somewhere downtown.

As someone who primarily gets around without a car, I find the bike+train combination to be incredibly useful. In general, I can get to places on my bike a lot faster than on the bus. The train helps get me go a little further (or when I'm feeling lazy). This does mean that I really don't go certain places (ie the westside) unless I am in a car.

We live in East Hollywood near a red line stop and are pretty happy with being near stuff without being in the middle of it. We have a well stocked corner market where I can get cheap produce and corn tortillas. There is a Jon's less than a mile away. If we wanted to, we could stumble home from Tiki Ti. I don't have the constitution to deal with the clusterfuck that is Hollywood Blvd around Vine and Highland on a regular basis. But, if you want to live in the thick of Hollywood, there is a now a Trader Joe's at Selma and Vine. And a Fresh and Easy at ~Orange and Hollywood.

If you want adventure, I know that these apartments by the high tower are being remodeled and will be on the market soon.
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(on the market=for rent)
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Well, that's only about two hours by train, or three by car.

Not really. I think you should spend time getting from one place to another to figure out how long it takes...

Although seriously, your attitude is GREAT for LA. You will show up everywhere early...spectacular!
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Chili Addiction has great vegan and gluten free options, plus I've never been disappointed by what Chef Johnny makes. They are on La Cienega just North of The Beverly Center, (West Hollywood?).
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Welcome back to LA!

Find a place near a Red Line station.

Join LACBC to keep up with bicycling news and information.

Career: that's a tough one to help with since I don't know many in that field.

Good cocktails at Seven Grand, Varnish at Cole's, 1886, and the Bona Vista Lounge atop the Bonaventure (it rotates!).

Tons of places to eat a vegan/gluten friendly diet. Whole Foods is the biggest chain for specialty diets, but you will probably find a local market that caters to your needs. Fresh and Easy is another good chain with clarity on ingredients.

Lot's of place all over for adventure from wilderness to historical spots to surfing and skiing. Harder to get to without a car, but all doable. If you're more specific as to what you consider adventure, I'm sure we can help.

Overall advice: Find a social group around something you like hobbies or sports, and ask them to suggest places. As you know, LA is huge and has gotten bigger. Many neighborhoods have changed dramatically in 20 years.

Lastly, but most importantly, wear sunscreen every day.
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Not a vegetarian, but I went to Veggie Grill last week and it was deeeelicious.

Welcome back!
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Bunny, not sure if you're celiac or just like eating gluten free. If your allergy is serious, feel free to memail me and I can give you tips on which restaurants take gluten seriously, and which are less particular.
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You'll want to check out the Culver City galleries

In Culver City/West LA, good gluten free pastries here
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