How to learn to kick/punt for HS football?
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How can i learn to kick/punt a football to start next year?

I am 15, in HS, played football last year and am going to play next year. I have 7-8 months until season starts and want to start kicking. I have been on a strict diet and workout schedule for about 6 weeks and am getting as fit as possible.

I want to know what exercises i should do for my leg or legs, what weight and BF i should be aiming for, how i should practice/learn to kick?

extra info: i am 5'10", weigh about 160 lbs, I may also play linebacker again, and i am very determined to try and take it to a college or higher level but need practice and help.
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There seem to be a couple specialized kicking camps/trainers online that you could research or consider attending. But I think the first place to start would be talking with your coach to see what he might be able to recommend. Alternately you might have a discussion with the soccer coach, who's probably going to ask the goal keepers to do similar types of exercises.
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Best answer: A(n American) football is very different than a soccer ball (or even a similarly shaped rugby ball - I kicked a lot of goals when I was in HS, but I embarrass myself trying to kick an American football).

Talk with your coach, ask if they can recommend any trainers. Speak with older/former students who played that role and see if they have recommendations for trainers. Also, ask about shoes and lacing patterns.

Personally, I think that leg strength is over-rated for kicking; coordination (ie., length of strides to get in the right striking distance) and placement (hitting it *just right* along the seam) made more beauty flights than just powering them through. In addition to distance, you *really* want accuracy... and sometimes a bit of whiley misdirection.

You're 15 so you're very likely going to gain height in the next couple of years, likely in the legs. This can be a confounding factor over the next few years until you reach your final height - which makes kicking awkward.

If this is what you want, stick with it, but you're going to have to re-learn how to kick as you get taller so keep practicing!
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That is to say, at your level, accuracy means a lot more than power; the power can (and will) come, but having great technique and the ability to put the ball exactly where you want it means a lot more, unlike pitching in baseball. Being able to score a sure thing every time means more than making a "last ditch" effort once every 5 or 6 or 10 times.
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Not quite actionable advice but you might get some value out of Stefan Fatsis' A Few Seconds of Panic. It is the story of the sportswriter's attempt to complete Denver Bronco training camp as a kicker. I haven't read it but undoubtedly it talks about his preparations and training.
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Check out Ray Guy's website for resources.
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Do you have money to hire a coach? There is no better way to acquire this skill. For instance you could find local football camps and see if there is someone who can provide some one-on-one coaching say once a week for a few months perhaps.
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