Where be these boots?
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Name That Boot: A dapper friend has fallen in love with these boots. Can you help bring him and the boots together?

The ad is for Whillas and Gunn. Unfortunately, the boots are made by somebody else. But the website doesn't say who. Can you identify the maker of these boots or boots very like them? Friend lives in Canada.
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These boots look similar...
posted by Oxydude at 9:16 AM on October 20, 2011 [1 favorite]

They look very similar to the Allen Edmonds Bayfield boot.
posted by jayder at 9:21 AM on October 20, 2011

The Bed:Stu Loop boot looks pretty close, but I will keep looking.
posted by 8dot3 at 9:30 AM on October 20, 2011

Yeah, there are a lot of cap-toe boots out there. I don't think their the Allen Edmonds, because they don't look brogued to me.

LL Bean makes the Khatadin Iron Works Engineer boot, that look similar, although the Bean boots are oiled leather and those looked finished.
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These are also really pretty.
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I'm going to vote for Oxydude, because I have a pair of those boots, and I can definitely imagine it being the same as the one in the picture, but with laces switched. The other ones look similar, but not quite right, for various reasons.
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All Saints Holmes boot looks close, except the boot in the picture has flat soles.
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"Indiana Jones" boots
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They are definitely not Alden "Indy" boots. Those have a moc-toe, not a cap-toe.
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I'm thinking it is either the Nunn Bush boots shown here or the one that Oxydude limked, but tied differently. If you zoom on the boots in your picture, in addition to that cap toe they have a loop on the back like these and the ones Oxydude found.
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They look a lot like the Red Wing Iron Ranger boot linked by Oxydude, but I don't think they are. The leather looks nicer (unless that's an artifact of photoshopping) and the last looks more elegant. They aren't Aldens, I don't think - I don't see the characteristic eyelets, thought the photo isn't super high-resolution. Grenson, maybe?

Why not write to the brand and ask?

Also, I don't really like the Bayfields mentioned above. I have a pair (that I got gently used) and the leather isn't all that it could be. Allen Edmonds's real strength is in shoes, not boots.
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They're oddly short, too, more like a tall chukka shape. And they have that long, toe-centric last and a sort of flat toe box. I'd bet either a cheaper trendy brand or something Italian or maybe Grenson. Most English and US makers (except Grenson, which has gotten so trendy/elongate-elongate-the-foot that I don't even bother any more) use a higher toebox and I feel as though they tend to use a less slender last.

The Frank boot from Grenson is not these (too tall, different eyelets) but has a lot of the same feel. Grensons are made in India now and the quality has gone down a bit, but for the price they're pretty decent. (Full disclosure - I've only gotten gently used ones, older and contemporary)

They also look sort of like (but are not) the Wolverine 1000 mile Darby. These have gotten really good reviews in terms of durability and they are US-made. Like the ones in the picture, these are a little shorter with an understated cap toe. No pull tab thing, though.
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