Tobacco in my nose?!?!
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What is it like to use snuff tobacco?

How does it differ from other forms of tobacco? What does it feel like in your nose? These are subjective questions, so personal anecdotes are welcome.

Also, any online snuff resources would be helpful.
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I've tried it a time or two and IT BURNS. I probably wasn't doing it right though.
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Best answer: I've tried it twice. It burns initially, then it feels like you have to blow your nose and sneeze at the same time, then it feels like you have a runny nose (of the back of the throat variety). And then there's the nicotine feeling, which came right after the burning started to go away.
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Best answer: Yes, it burns if you use too much the first time. Also expect to sneeze after the first few tries until you get used to it.
Depending on the "flavor," you'll find it either tingles or feels like a "chill". I don't use it much now, but when I did I really liked the cola variety.

Also, I recommend making a habit of using a neti pot at night if you start using snuff. Think of it like brushing your teeth.
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Best answer: I am old enough to recall some small stores stocking 5-8 different brands. I had used it from time to time. It burns, as noted, makes nose feel wet and runny, but clears the passages. My grandmother used to open a tin of Copenhagen snuff, which was moist and was to sit in the mouth for flavor. When it dried out after a few days, she would use as snuff.

But as with any tobacco product: it is a cancer maker.
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Best answer: I have a tin at home you just reminded me of.

Snuff is unique, gets the job done, and you can over do it (I get headaches from too much).

Problem with it is a.) It looks like you are snorting other things, b.) Social stigma, and c.) Still isn't a cigarette
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Best answer: Yeah, it's a burning tingling sensation, might make your eyes water a bit. It's worse if the snuff isn't fresh. I think it's better than any of the other tobacco/cigarette substitutes though, because you get a similar sense of satisfaction as smoking a fag. Well, I do. And it's very cheap.

People will give you very odd looks - expect them to think you're taking hard drugs. Even when you explain it, they'll still think you're a disgusting weirdo.

And have plenty of hankies/tissues, preferably coloured, because you'll be blowing lots of ugly brown snot into them.
how to take snuff
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Best answer: Oh, and there are about a million different flavours. If you don't like one, you might like another. I like the mentholated ones. You might not, obviously.
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Clorox pretty much has it down, though I didn't feel a need to blow my nose, just a slight urge to sneeze. The nicotine hits you pretty quickly.
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