Point me towards good techno in NYC!
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Where can I find good techno this weekend (or any weekend) in New York City? A friend of mine is fond of high-energy techno, akin to "musical caffeine." I'd like to take her to a show she'd enjoy, but I know nothing at all about the genre. Are there any noteworthy events this weekend, or in the near future? Any venues that are reliably good, and where we wouldn't be the only folks in our late twenties? Particular artist names I should keep an eye out for?
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Do you mean proper techno or 'techno' as in the catch-all term for electronic music? Because they can be two very different things.

Can you give me an example of a DJ or song she likes?
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Also, do you want a full-on rave with all that goes along with that or more of a mainstream club that also happens to play dance music?
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Okay, without knowing anything else, but that you're in your late 20s and like techno, I'd recommend Pete Tong at Pacha this friday.

He's a house DJ, but one of the best in the world (he's hosted the Essential Mix on the BBC since 1994). Also, one of the nicest DJs I've met :).

Pacha in general is going to be a fairly safe bet, because they book superstar DJs every Friday and Saturday.
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Here is a list of most electronic music events in NYC for this coming week and weekend.

If you really want "techno" I would recommend either of the events at Open House or Sullivan Room on the Friday night (first 2 listed). However, next weekend (Halloween) would be MUCH better. The parties at the Bunker and Get Spooky on Oct 29th should both be excellent. You can get tickets via that page as well.
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Oh, and if you haven't seen Danny Tenaglia spin, you are in for a treat. But again, he's another house DJ. I wasn't seeing any great techno parties at RA for this weekend. Skream and Benga are amazing if you like dubstep.
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(Foreground also had some good picks.. i'm not familiar with the artists, but those look like legit proper 'techno' events, but not everyone really means techno when they say techno.)
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Try Rhythmism's calendar as well.
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Also, the record shop Dope Jams hosts a monthly techno event.
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IDK, I think Webster Hall on Friday nights is kind of techno-y? NYC hasn't had any huge venue legit trufax techno in a long time, really, aside from one-time special events. This is a house music town.

If you can find out what DJs or artists she's into, this will be a lot easier.

I can guarantee that Victor Caldeone at Pacha on 10/22 will be some kickass fucking tribal house, though.
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Thank you for the good advice, all. Sadly, I can't really say which DJs she likes, nor narrow down her genre preferences further. But I just listened to a bit of Pete Tong's stuff, which sounds plausible - so I'll run with that. Thanks again!
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Fair warning -- people who are into dance music can be insanely picky about what kind they like :) if i were you, i'd run down the list of stuff we gave you with her and see what she says before buying tix ;)
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