Selling jewelry in LA: Ebay?
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My girlfriend would like to sell a silver heart necklace with a small (~0.10 ct) diamond. It was purchased ~6 years ago for ~$400 on clearance somewhere. That's about all the information we have about it. Questions: What's the best way of going about selling such a thing? Ebay? Does it need to be appraised? How much does that typically cost? We're in Los Angeles.
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Something with that small a diamond carat weight would probably not have to be appraised. You could ask a jeweler for an informal reselling price, though, to start your research. Also look on the standard e-shopping sites (overstock, ebay, etc.) to get a sense of the going prices.

My only suggestion for selling it would be the Buy Sell Trade section of the Better Than Diamond forum and also Diamond Talk. Both require registration, I think.

Be aware that this will probably not go for anywhere near $400 (unless I'm not visualizing this correctly). Most jewelry doesn't retain much value unless it's old enough to be "estate."

Are you sure it isn't white gold?
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