Where do I get electronics parts in Brooklyn?
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Where do I buy electronics components in southern Brooklyn (or lower Manhattan)?

I just ended up spending $8.00 on shipping to order a bunch of really, really basic parts (a 0.5 W speaker, some pots, caps and resistors) from Jameco. Every other component company seems to have similar shipping rates. I have Amazon Prime, but Amazon seems to suck for basic parts. The RadioShack near my house -- 86th St. in Bensonhurst -- has, like, a few prototype boards, some kits and that's about it.

So, where's a good place for parts? Preferably in Brooklyn and below the park. Lower Manhattan can work as well, but I live in the boonies so North Brooklyn and Queens are right out.
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The Radio Shack at 5th Av & 14th St in Park Slope has a better than average selection of parts, though of course nothing like Jameco.

There's also 269 Electronics at 269 Canal St - if they're still open.

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Seconding 269 Electronics -- last time I checked, which was a few months ago, they were very much still alive and kicking.
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Also previously.
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NYC resistor is probably a wealth of useful info in this area.
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Small Bear offers local pick up if you ask for it.
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I can tell you what the accumulated wisdom of NYC Resistor is: whenever you order from Jameco, Digikey, Mouser et al-- try to get other people to join the order so you can split the shipping fees.
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