3/8" to 1/2" Berkel (MB) Bread slicer change in NYC?
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I may be purchasing a used Berkel bread slicer — the model is MB (it may be MBSS, since the whole model is stainless steel). It currently has a 3/8" slice size. I need it changed to a 1/2" slice size. Do you have a recommendation for a service center in or around NYC that could do the job well without breaking the bank?

We are purchasing the slicer used to save money — hence the incorrect slice size. We could just buy a new slicer with the correct slice size, sure, but I'm trying to figure out what would make more sense economically.

I've already contacted these two companies:

New York, NY Branch
11-02 35Th Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11106
phone: 718-545-2240

phone: 718-937-1133

...since they were listed on Berkel's website.
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From the Berkel catalog, it looks like the slicer blades ride between slotted blocks at the bottom and cut between the "fingers," which are spaced to match the slice width. Therefore I think you would need to replace the blade and finger assembly to change the slice width.

There are many restaurant equipment stores on the Bowrey, beginning a couple of blocks north of Canal. Many of them stock used Berkel slicers and may know how to adjust the slice width or have a junker from which a 1/2" blade/finger assembly can be removed to replace yours.

Another possibility is to check the yellow pages (remember those) under Bread Slicer and Restaurant Equipment.

If you haven't bought a slicer already, you may be able to find a 1/2" model there or on Craig's List.

Also, a used slicer is likely to need a blade replacement and perhaps fingers as well, so buying one used may be a false economy. At the least, you should check with Hobart, Berkel NY and restaurant equipment repair shops about repair costs.
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