Computers + Dust = Die
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I've been told to invest in an antistatic dust cover for my 24" iMac. Any suggestions? Live in the UK
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A dust cover is not necessarily a bad idea if you live in a very dusty area - but not strictly necessary . It will not increase the life of your computer it will only increase the length of time between dustings.

An "anti-static" dust cover is a con. It is about as useful as those sticky pieces of tinfoil you attach to your cell phone that promise increased cell coverage - which is to say it has no use whatsoever at all.
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Well it is a very dusty room
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A dust cover will stop new dust from settling on your iMac, but it's not going to stop airborne dust being sucked into it when it's running. That's the main problem with dust.

A vacuum cleaner is going to be a much wiser investment in the long run, for your own health as much as that of your iMac.
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Dust cover? Jesus. Just wipe it down every day. I live in a VERY dusty/dirty area (high traffic, lots of cars, etc) and it takes 30 seconds to wipe the whole thing down.
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