They drank my MLKSHK!
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Help me get MLKSHK back!

Ever since I upgraded my AT&T iPhone to IOS 5 I've lost the ability to have my photos go to Mlkshk- I've tried everything I can find on the web, but the photos persist in going to twitpic.

I an learning new cuss words- especially now that I've managed to wedge things so that any attempt to attach a pic from my iPhone results in a "Forbidden" error, and the tweet going to the drafts folder.

Please help save my granddaughter's ears from my blasphemies- I need a step-by=step guide to putting this thing back to the way I had it and liked it.
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You should follow #mlkshk on Twitter. Read recent tweets and you will see this is a known issue and they're working on it.
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Instead of search, just go ahead and follow the official account for MLKSHK
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