Good intermediate accounting book for internet companies?
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What is a good basic to intermediate financial or cost accounting book that is focused on software/internet companies?

I'm looking for a basic to intermediate accounting book, preferably focused on ad-revenue based internet companies, if a good one exists with that focus. Otherwise a recommendation for a good basic to intermediate accounting book with a more typical manufacturing focus is fine too.

I've worked in an FP&A role in the past, and have been doing various finance roles for the past few years, so I have some background. I am joining a decently sized ad revenue based social networking startup to help set up their FP&A organization, and am looking for a good overview so I can make sure all my bases are covered since I've been working at larger companies in more specialized roles until this point.

I'm not looking for something incredibly detailed and technical on the latest accounting standards, but more of a conceptual overview, preferably with some information about industry best practices.

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I don't know of any books, but there are all manner of blogs out there written both by entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, which blogs occasionally cover the logistics of accounting for startups. You'd likely glean some information, and perhaps a book title, from those blogs.

Off the top of my head, blogs that occasionally cover finance and accounting for startups include A VC, Both Sides of the Table, and Feld Thoughts. There are many dozens more out there.

Assuming you're funded by VCs/angel investors, it may also be worth soliciting their advice, as they have likely had to advise other companies about the same issues.

Finally, this site often has useful information about revenue recognition policies. I am not sure how extensive their information on startups is, but it may contain some info that is useful to you.
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Response by poster: Awesome, these are great. Thanks!
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