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Awaiting delivery of my iPhone 4S and then I will be switching from Android. What do I need to know to make the switch smoothly? Since this will be the first iPhone I've ever really played with at all, are there any tips/tricks for new users that will help me get up and running faster? I know that which apps are considered "have to's" depends a lot on what you are into, but are there any particular apps that I should be looking at first to help get me started? What do you wish you'd known as you set up your first iPhone/Apple product?
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Best answer: Make sure you don't have multiple Apple IDs in use. It's possible to navigate, but it's a headache. (I personally have one Apple ID for app purchases and another for MobileMe/iCloud.)
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Best answer: Create only one account for iTunes/iCloud/MobileMe (not sure if you can sign up for it any more). There are many people who decide to have more than one account (one for business stuff and one for personal stuff or one for iTunes and one for MobileMe or some people just get multiple iTunes accounts) and it creates a lot of headaches and there's no way to really "merge" accounts. Stick with one account/email/username.

As for the iPhone itself, um, it's pretty awesome. I love 1Password, Calvetica, Daytum, Plex, Billings, CC Terminal, Deliveries, RunKeeper, iBank and Angry Birds. It's all pretty self-explanatory.
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Best answer: Depends how you're going to be using it, but some apps I've found indispensable:

-1Password, as previously mentioned
-Gas Cubby
-Pastebot (better if you have a Mac, still great either way)

And some games/other fun things:

-Cube Runner
-Tiny Tower
-Tiny Wings
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Best answer: Essential general Apps: IMDB, Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, Reeder, Kindle, InstaPaper, WriteRoom, Find My iPhone, Flashlight, Flicker, Simplenote Facebook, Dropbox, Netflix and, of course, Apollo Photos.
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Best answer: If you use Google for your mail/contacts/calendars (as a former Android user myself, I do), you'll want to make sure you follow Google's instructions for setting up your Mail account properly. (Short version: Set it up as an Exchange account, and don't forget to visit from your iPhone to select all the calendars you want displayed on your phone or you'll only get your main calendar.)
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Best answer: When you double-tap the button, it shows you what apps you have running. hold your finger on one until they start shaking and a little minus button appears in the corner. Hit that minus button to turn off the app. That's the only way to really close and app, and will save your battery like whoa.
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Best answer: These two posts have some good, not so obvious, tips:

10 useful iPhone tips and tricks


10 more useful iPhone tips and tricks.
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Best answer: When I got my iPad, I didn't realize until someone pointed it out that it's a common convention for iOS apps like Mail to use a different interface in portrait and landscape modes. In landscape, you get a sidebar to change folders and such, while in portrait mode, those functions are handled via a drop-down menu.
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Best answer: On every app page in iTunes, underneath the app icon on the left, there is a spot where it says "for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad" or maybe just "for iPad only." ALWAYS look here for compatibility before you buy an app. A good hint is apps for iPad only often have "HD" in the title, but not always. Apple will refund you for a wrong app purchase, ONE time.

If for some reason your data connection (wifi or 3G) has disappeared (i.e. there is no icon in the status bar), turn off and restart your phone.

With the new iOS 5, there is an option to wirelessly sync with iTunes. It's a lot slower than syncing via USB, especially if you're syncing video content, and you must be plugged in to a power source. Also, if you get podcasts, they are now split up: Video podcasts are under the video icon, and audio podcasts are under the Music icon.

When you load iTunes and go into the App Store section, Apple has various ads for "must have apps for new users" - click and you'll find a list that includes apps for Facebook, etc... these will be helpful in finding you apps.

Annoyance: If you download any TV shows, iTunes will automatically download BOTH the standard and HD versions. At this time there's no way to prevent this. You simply have to let them both download and, if you don't want one version or the other, delete it.
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