What were the PBS donation gifts for Joe Bonamassa's concert aired Saturday?
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PBS recently aired a brilliant movie of guitarist Joe Bonamassa performing live during their pledge drive, which is now over. What were the various gift packages they offered and their corresponding donation levels?

I'm very happy PBS brought him to my attention and I want to donate, not just buy the dvd somewhere, which I think I can still do through my local station and request the Joe Bonamassa gift package. I just haven't found the information online about exactly what comes with what contribution level.

I was thinking there was a bonus DVD included in one of them? I'm really interested in getting every bit of the performance, and I seem to remember him mentioning there are bonus songs (not sure if it was dvd or cd, though). I'm wondering if any of the items offered were exclusive to PBS.

So I was wondering if someone out there who saw the show or donated themselves might remember, or perhaps dvr-ed it and can find out. Thanks!

(Yes, I could probably just call my local station to find out but I predict it's more likely I'll get someone who doesn't know, and then I'll be playing phone tag as they try to find out... I'd rather just know, and use their website to donate.)
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Searching the PBS Store brings these results.

There's also the pledge link at the bottom of the main PBS page; when I click here, enter my zip code etc, it brings up info on member/donation benefits for my local PBS station (KCTS/Seattle). Perhaps if you work your way through that, it may have info on the Joe Bonamassa donation packages, too.
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FANTASTIC musician. Try here:

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