Hotels in Chicago: MYTH OR REALITY??
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ChicagoHotelFilter: Heading to The Windy City in early November and I need to find a decent, affordable hotel near Western Ave./Cortez area for a single night. You feel like helping?

Going up to Chicago in early November for a show, and I need to find a hotel room for the night. The show is at The Empty Bottle, which google says is on Western and Cortez, near Wicker Park area. I do not know Chicago terribly well, and am unsure of what area to look for hotels in.

Preferably, I could find a place that is:
Walking distance (or simple train ride) from Western & Cortez

We have a group of 4 guys going, and would like a relatively relaxed environment that is not likely to be appalled by four dudes being four dudes. Not that we are loud or obnoxious or anything, but I'd rather not have the Monopoly Man looking down his nose at my beer drinkin' every time I walk outside.

Bonus points for suggestions for booking methods that might save a couple bucks!

Any tips MeFi?
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I always stay at Days Inn Lincoln Park North, which is at Diversey at Clark (644 West Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL 60614, (888) 576-3297). It's an older hotel, with the most reasonable pricing around. It would seem to be about 5 miles from where you want to be and it would be a cab ride, I'm guessing. It's a laid-back place, rooms were remodeled not long ago, and the neighborhood is awesome. Have fun!
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There aren't a lot of hotels around there, mostly transient type places.

You can catch a cab to downtown for $15 from there. Though if you can get a room, I would recommend you stay the new inn at Longman and Eagle in Logan Square. Fun neighborhood and there's an amazing restaurant on the first floor.
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There's not a lot of hotels in that area, its a very residential area. It might be a pain to stay downtown but the Empty Bottle is within walking distance (1 mile) of the Blue Line Damon stop.

I live a couple of blocks away from there and frankly if I was visiting I'd think it was a little to a lot run-down, depending on my expectations. I'd really look at some downtown hotels just to get the downtown experience. You can visit some of the downtown sites like the museums or the art institute. November is a great time to get hotel deals too, so you might be able to stay a pretty swanky place.

If you must stay in WP, it looks like there's a bed and breakfast that has decent reviews.
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Longman & Eagle is fantastic and sort of nearby, but it's not quite walking distance and there's no direct transportation to that part of Ukrainian Village. There's also only six beds in the entire inn and they book pretty fast so I don't think you'd be able to occupy 2/3 of the hotel with a couple weeks notice. IMO your best bet is to find something around Chicago Avenue in the Near North side (where there's a ton of hotels of varying quality, and one somewhat unlikely motel with big cheap breakfasts) and take the 66 bus (which runs all night) to the Empty Bottle and back. Put $5 on a CTA card at the Red Line station before you go.
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(If you take the bus you'll have to walk a quarter mile north from the Chicago/Western intersection, but it's easier than walking from the Damen Blue Line station.)
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If you going for cheap and will just be sleeping there, check out hotels along the blue line -- cumberland/rosemont stops. Cumberland is easier to walk around. Renaissance O'Hare was walkable but there's likely cheaper choices next door.

Note: It's about a 30-45 minute train ride from there to the damen stop. Tradeoff: you will need to ride the train to do basically anything in terms of nightlife (cumberland is largely offices, houses, and the occasional chain restaurant).
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ps. cab ride from Diversey Inn to Wicker Park area was about $15 plus tip (year or two ago when I used to live in that general area)
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(btw: I find this cab fare calculator to be really accurate for Chicago rides. YMMV)
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There is a great B&B off of Western and Armitage area called Ray's bucktown B&B....

I live in the same general area! There isn't much in terms of proper hotels around here.
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also, I've had really good luck using hot wire for rooms in chicago when my parents come and visit. This area is super accessible to the loop, so I'd think you have a pretty safe bet if you stick with 4 star and up. memail me if you want specifics about the neighborhood once you have a place. There are tons of good places to eat around here too.
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I've walked the mile from the Empty Bottle to the Western Blue Line stop in the middle of the night after shows-it sucks, but it's doable, and it would be a super cheap cab ride. You can see Longman&Eagle from the Logan Square stop.

It's super awesome and if you can pull off reservations, it's exactly where you want to me.
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