4 day Long weekend in Asia - where to go?
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My wife and I are living in Manila and would like to get away for the long weekend in Late November/Early October. I was thinking of going to Japan but after watching a tv show on Taiwan, it looks amazing. I'm sure Asia has more to offer, so please help us pick a destination!

Important Point - my wife is pregnant - and when the long weekend comes she will be just over 3 months pregnant.

We have already been to Thailand and would like to go somewhere else.

If you could give links for where to stay and where to go I would be forever in your debt!
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Do you have any preferences? Would you like it to be relaxing, or adventurous and 'different'? City or nature? Any budget constraints?

My adventurous spirit wants me to go to the Pacific islands (Micronesia, Melanesia, Tahiti, Tuvalu etc). It's a very different and unique travel choice, but since you're from Manila and you might take advantage of your geography (direct flights like this). [OK, technically it's not Asia anymore]

From the islands, Yap seems very interesting, but here's a guide to some of the pacific islands, depending on what you're looking for.

I admit that it's too far off, but I think it would be a memorable one. (The idea that you're in the middle of a vast ocean, at least!).

Anyway, if you want something more of the 'tried and tested', Cambodia's Angkor Wat, or Vietnam's Ha Long Bay [another HB link] could be good (romantic) choices for the both of you.

It'd be exciting to hear about your final decision!
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I was thinking something more relaxing, and a mix of city and nature. Japan I thought of as I've been there before a long time ago, its easy to get around but I'm not sure 4 days is enough to see Tokyo and Kyoto, so perhaps just Osaka/Kyoto? I'm not sure.

Taiwan looked great on TV, but I guess thats the point of those TV shows... I also thing (upon researching overnight) my wife needs a visa to go there so thats probably not going to be easy.

Pacific Islands, we used to live in Australia and have done a few pacific Islands, though not Yap I have to admit.

Thanks for the advice, will keep you posted!
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You wouldn't be able to do both Tokyo and Kyoto in 4 days... Well, I guess you could, but it would be rushed.

Kyoto has a great mix of city and nature. It's good for walking and site-seeing, plus has some great shopping in Karasuma and Kawaramachi. If you really want to explore a cityscape, Osaka and Kobe are just a short train ride away. If you really want to see nature, take a bus ride up to the top of Mount Hiei overlooking Kyoto, to Enrakuji Temple.
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We are going to Osaka/Kyoto - should be good fun! Thanks for the tips KokoRyu, the bus ride up to Enrakuji Temple sounds great!
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