Microsoft Office Keyboard on an iBook
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I picked up a very cheap Microsoft Office Keyboard today. It works great on my Windows 2000 machine with the software provided, but the Mac software included on the CD is for OS9, and I want to run it with my KVM switch into my G4 iBook (OSX.4).

I tried to install Microsoft Intellipoint software from the Mac section of the Microsoft web site, but it has not helped-- so far the only extra keys that work are the volume controls. The standard keys work fine, though.

Now, to compound matters, I can't find any reference to this specific keyboard on Microsoft's website. I was hoping there'd be an updated driver, but evidently the keyboard is discontinued enough for Microsoft to remove any online support for it.

So, the question is, is there anything I can do to get full functionality out of the keyboard on OSX.4?

This is the keyboard, by the way.
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Might this help you? I saw some driver links there.
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Microsoft does have Intellitype, which gives you some extra keyboard options. I don't know about the scroll-wheel.

USB Overdrive might work, but it's designed for gamepads and such primarily. Still, it's worth a shot. Not free, however.
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I actually just replaced that very keyboard on my computer because of the suddenly nonexistent drivers. Really annoying, actually -- the previous version of their software worked great, but I foolishly nuked it when I downloaded the updated drivers. I wasn't expecting them to _remove_ support for the keyboard I had (but then, this is Microsoft, so maybe I should have).

I felt like an idiot after installing the new version and discovering that all the other buttons didn't work anymore. While the keyboard itself still worked fine, I'd trained myself to use the extra copy/paste keys and the scroll wheel so well that I was just getting frustrated when they didn't work, and eventually just tossed the keyboard in the closet and got a new one.

I ended up getting this keyboard, also from Microsoft (hey, I like their hardware). Not quite as snazzy, but works well for me.

Now, if I can just stop reaching for those damn keys...
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This site,, has the last Intellitype Pro version to include the Office Keyboard suport. The Mac version might be available there as well.
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