What to do after seeing two FLW homes?
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What to do AFTER seeing Kentuck Knob in Chalk Town, PA?

My husband and I are going to see both Kentuck Knob (on Saturday) and Fallingwater (on Sunday) this weekend. What is there to do after seeing KK on Saturday? We will be leaving immediately after seeing Fallingwater to get home on Sunday because we are travelling from southwestern Ohio.

We like outdoorsy things, shopping, etc. Any suggestions about where to eat would be greatly appreciated (we are adventurous foodies). FWIW, we are staying in Uniontown, but we are willing to go other places if they're worth a look. Thanks, MetaFilter!
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I really have to recommend checking out the Ohiopyle area and walking on some of the trails. They are really nice and the park is very well maintained. It is a cute little park to spend an afternoon in.
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Here's a comment from Chowhound that's on topic, though it's a couple of years old.

You might want to allocate some time to explore the sculpture garden at Kentuck Knob after the tour of the house. Some interesting pieces there.
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Response by poster: Yeah, the sculpture garden is DEFINITELY on the todo list. Thanks for the endorsement of Ohiopyle, we saw mention of it around the web.
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Best answer: Going back north, in October, the Nemacolin Castle does candle light ghost tours. Not "fake chainsaw jump out at you in a plastic mask" haunted house, but ghost hunters and cold spots in a historic landmark haunted house. Not everyone's thing, but we try to go every year or so.

You won't be that far from Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. If you want to do fine dining in the area, that is probably your best bet.

Really, you're just going to be surrounded by beautiful hillsides and amazing fall foliage right now. I'd say to just enjoy driving around the hills. I've heard mixed reviews of the Summit Inn in recent years, but the views in that area are beautiful. In the same area are Laurel Caverns (sort of cheesy) and Fort Necessity Battlefield.

But Ohiopyle is a mandatory part of the trip. It's just relaxing and beautiful there, no matter where you turn. Either check out the various falls, or the main rafting area. Maybe pack a picnic and hang out. The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, enjoy it. :)
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When I saw Falling Water as a kid, we combined that with a rafting trip on the Youghiogheny, although this time of year, that might be out of the picture.
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Coopers Rock state park in WV is not too far from where you'll be staying in Uniontown, and definitely worth a look. As far as food goes, if you want a small, local place with great homemade desserts, give Apple Annie's in Point Marion a try.
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