What'll ya have? A shot and a beer?
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What are your local/regional shot and beer combos? Looking for brand names especially.

Trying to put some new shot and beer combos on our drink menu at my bar. I'd like to do promos that might coincide with baseball or football games (i.e. when Green Bay plays it's a Leinenkugel and something, or when the Steelers play it's Iron City and something, etc.). We're very bourbon and whisky friendly so Boilermaker variations are great...but I'd like to hear any and all suggestions. What shot and beer represent YOUR part of the world?
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Whiskey and PBR. But maybe that's a hipster thing rather than a San Francisco thing.
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San Francisco would be Anchor Porter and Fernet. An acquired taste, to be sure. Anchor Steam and regular ol' bourbon would be a fine compromise.
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Jack and Boh. We are cheap, crass, and proud.
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Best answer: The traditional whiskey to to drink with Iron City is Imperial, popularly known as an Imp 'n Arn.
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mollymayhem, my favorite hipster bar in Philly did whiskey and PBR.
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My favorite local has a whole menu of these - ooh, found it on Facebook:

- Strongbow and a Dead Nazi (Jagermeister and Rumpleminze) (This is apparently a favorite with a group of bartenders from another bar. I think it sounds absolutely vile.)

- Lone Star and Jager (probably #1 based on my observations)

- PBR and Jameson (probably #2)

- Carlsberg and Powers

- Pacifico and Hornitos

- Lawnmower and lemon drop (the "What the Fuck")

- Miller Lite and Kamikaze

- Coors Light and Jim Beam

- Stella Artois and Tuaca (the "Italian Stallion")

- Newcastle and Tanqueray
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Apparently tequila and beer is called a "Mexican Boilermaker". (I was doing some searching. I thought it had a different name than that.)
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Best answer: Went to a bar in Brooklyn once that offered "The Sportsman", A shot of Old Crow and a Black Label in a can. At 5 bucks, it was hard to beat!
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Best answer: An old haunt of mine used to do "The Outdoorsman's Special" - A shot of Wild Turkey and a Bass Ale.

Tequila and Tecate is another popular one.
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Best answer: In Buffalo it is Labatt Blue and a shot of Crown.
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Best answer: At Lux in Rochester NY, they offered the "Pabst Smear": a PBR and a shot of whatever whiskey was in the well, for $3. Always great fun to offer one to newcomers.
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Best answer: In Chicago, it's Old Style and Maker's Mark or Beam.
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BTW Anchor Steam is now also distilling their own whiskey
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Sig other says Iron City and Jack for Pittsburgh.
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Blue collar bars in NYC it is miller lite or bud and Jameson's
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Irish car bomb. Fill a pint glass 2/3 full of Guinness. Fill a shot glass with half Bushmill's and half Bailey's. Drop shot glass in pint glass and drink as a shot (you have to drink fast or the Bailey's will curdle). The car bomb has a creamy, chocolatey taste- it's truly delicious.
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Whiskey and PBR has been mentioned several times; in Portland, OR, it is called a 'Black and Blue', presumably for the color of your face after imbibing too many and fighting. For your purpose, it could represent a sports team's color.
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I think Jamason and PBR/High Life, is pretty universal.

The beer of choice seems to vary from place to place.
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The already mentioned whiskey (usually Jim Beam) and PBR combo in Philadelphia is often called a City Wide Special or just a City Special.

I grew up in Wisconsin and spent a few years in Minnesota before moving to PA and don't recall any particular shot-and-a-beer combos.
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I'd like to do promos that might coincide with baseball or football games

Based on personal experience:

Tampa: any Anheuser-Busch or Yuengling product and a rum (gold rum, probably)

Miami: Landshark and tequila or vodka or white rum.

Key West: Bud Light and black rum.

New Orleans: Abita and bourbon.
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