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I have Columbus Day (Monday) off. What awesome things should I do in NYC while everyone else is at work?

This is my first columbus day in new york, so imagine my surprise when a holiday I never knew existed suddenly reared its head and gave me a unexpected, but thoroughly delightful day off.

I'd like to take advantage of the fact that most people will be working on monday. What normally super crowded places should I go to? What should I do to take advantage of the fact that there won't be anyone around?

My first thought was to go to Ikea, because I need stuff from Ikea and Ikea always teems with people. But that kinda sucks. I'd rather do something more interesting. (I live in Brooklyn, btw)
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I have off, too, and will be at Occupy Wall St. :)
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Brooklyn might be different, but at least in Manhattan, Mondays aren't that different from weekends in terms of traffic (there are so many students, service workers, self-employed people, etc. in the city-- not to mention tourists-- that it's never really a ghost town). Most museums are sadly closed on Mondays, too.

Parks might be slightly less crowded than usual, especially in the mornings-- it's supposed to be a beautiful day on Monday, so maybe go enjoy the space? Otherwise, go to Trader Joe's and enjoy the slightly less long lines.
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I wouldn't get too excited about everyone working...I think there'll still be tonnes of people kicking around. But anyway.. I was going to throw in Ikea (oops!)...also MoMa....but actually anywhere tourist-y will be full of other Americans enjoying their own three days weekends, most likely on 5th avenue. So...the laundromat?:)
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I'm not sure how long you've been living here and doing the 9-5 M-F thing, but a few years ago, my day off of work was Monday and, really, nothing was that much different. Any place that was extra crowded was slightly less crowded and that's about it.

Relevant FPP.
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is open and free on Monday ("Met Holiday Mondays"), but lots of people know this, so it won't be deserted.

The Museum of Modern Art is open on Mondays (but not free). They may be less crowded than on a weekend, but more crowded than a usual Monday. They have a bunch of free talks and films (free with Museum admission that is) scheduled.
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Columbus Day is a common day off, so there may not be much for you to take advantage of. The city might be even more crowded than normal, with people from out of town visiting for the three-day weekend (and the parade, too). Probably not a good time for an Ikea trip.

It'd be a good time to go anywhere that you normally can't get to in the evenings or on weekends, but don't expect to avoid crowds.
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Walk the High Line from Uptown to down then have lunch outdoors in the West Village. Do it for me!
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I'm in the same boat as you: recently moved here, have Monday off, and don't know what to do. I was thinking of going to PS1 and just getting out and exploring. I never got much of a chance to walk around during the day. And yeah, going to OWS is a good call.
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Smoke a fatty and head to Central Park.
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Pretty much everyone I know here will have Monday off, so don't get too excited.

we should prolly all have a drunken highline meetup or something actually
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The NYC Transit Museum has become one of my favorite spots lately. It's a museum, as well as a "real working" subway station.
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I think the vast majority of white collar 9 to 5 types get Columbus Day off from work, too. It's also a school/government holiday.

Most museums are closed (Though the Met usually does "Holiday Mondays" on long holiday weekends where people have Monday off).

The city will mostly be like it normally is on weekends. Parks, restaurants, and shopping will be crowded. There is a parade, I believe. Lots of people will be doing errands around town like grocery shopping and laundry. Ikea will be fucking packed. You seriously could not PAY me to go to any big box or department store this weekend. I have some clothes shopping to do and am somewhat dreading the prospect of going to Gap and H&M.

It's also not a big travel weekend, so the city won't have that "ghost town" quality it tends to have on Labor Day, Memorial Day, and the like.
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walk over the brooklyn bridge, up into chinatown and get a Banh Mi!
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Supposed to be nice this weekend, why not head out to coney island and dip your toes in the water?
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