Help Me Diagnose This LCD Damage
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Has anybody seen this kind of damage to an LCD screen? Can I fix it?

I was given a 1-year-old HP laptop by an acquaintance who couldn't didn't know how he screwed up the screen. The damage drove him to buy a new laptop and ditch this one.

Check out these images:

The weird marks show up in all situations, no matter the background color. When I plug an external monitor into the laptop, the marks do not show up on the external monitor, which makes me think it's a screen issue and not a video card issue.

What do you think?
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I think its physical damage to the screen. Was something heavy sitting on it when it was in storage?
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Perhaps this askme discussion will be helpful or you. I had a similar problem, I think, although on a smaller scale.
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The LCD is busted - There's been some sort of pressure damage - the glass itself is not cracked, but the actual LCD substrate is 'leaking' for lack of a better term. Only way to fix it is replace the screen.
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Looks to me like physical damage as well. I work in this industry, so I've seen this kind of damage before. Probably compression damage, possibly even to the extent of creating cracks.

If you want to use the screen you'll need to have it replaced.
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I should have added diagnosing and fixing this sort of thing is what I do. Every day it seems. Most likely the screen was closed onto something or something was placed on top of the system and put pressure in a few spots.
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Pupdog has it. Screen is damaged and needs to be replaced.
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Sounds like consensus to me. Thanks for your help!
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No prob, baltimoretim. Hope it's an easy fix!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that we have multiple folks working in failure analysis of electronics on these boards. But I now I sort of want to wander through my lab and ask anyone if they have a secret identity called pupdog.

*waves at pupdog across the lab*
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I replaced the LCD of a Toshiba laptop this year. The new panel cost $100, and the process took 20 minutes. I got my replacement panel from a vendor on Amazon.
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We don't wave in this lab. ;)
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