Finding a safe Swedish proxy for watching video content?
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I want to watch Swedish television via the web, but much of the content is blocked geographically and available within Sweden only. I prefer free, but I'm willing to pay a nominal monthly/yearly amount. I did locate this company during my Google search - I don't know if this service is overkill for my needs. Is it safe to use a foreign proxy and would it be wise to install the proxy on a separate router? I have no idea how any of this works.
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I've recently taken a year long subscription with Strong VPN for 55$. I'm in Canada and it allows me to stream blocked content from the US (or the UK). It doesn't involve a proxy, but rather a VPN connection that is really easy to set up. They have a server Sweden, so I'm sure you could set up something with at about the same price. I have to admit that I didn't shop around much, so might be able to find a better deal...
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Thanks, bluefrog. I'll check them out.
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