Automatic log in to a Mac on restart?
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So, following up on my previous question: I have this Mac Mini that will drive a big data display. I wrote an AppleScript that starts up Chrome and goes to fullscreen mode, and I put that script in the startup items and it all works swell. BUT! I still need to log in for it to work. Can I set something up so that the Mac starts and runs without any user intervention at all?

Like I said, this is a 24 hour facility, so it will basically be always on, but I need to prepare for a graceful restart in the event of an accident, or a power outage, or whatever. I have it set up to allow me to VNC in, but that will take time, and will be reliant on me (or someone) knowing to do it. I'd really like to set it up so that it'll operate with a bare minimum of intervention.

Additionally: As it will have no keyboard or mouse attached, can I also turn off the helpful "I can't find the keyboard" message?
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Would it be sufficient to login automatically? System Prefs > Accounts > Login Options.
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Yes it would.
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But, alas, the sonofagun 'bluetooth setup assistant' screws it up. Anyone know how to kill that thing?
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Here's an answer to your second question:
When OS X starts up and finds no USB keyboard and mouse it goes into a search for a Bluetooth device. This is actually the bugging screen where I got stuck. Disabling this "search if normal keyboard/mouse not found" under the advanced options of Bluetooth settings (system prefs) stops this annoying behavior and you can happily boot your mac without any keyboard or mouse attached.
(I have not tried this in order to confirm it but it's worth a look)
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I would also like a million dollars.
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Two out of three ain't bad! :-)
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